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Q: I noticed Premier’s wholesale website has been upgraded. Why should I use it?
The new wholesale website is like driving around in a modern car with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity rather than riding a skateboard. Here are some new features you and all of our wholesale customers will appreciate:
  1. Full real-time account information including:
      - Account balances: Know all of your specific account info whenever and wherever you want.
      - Invoices: See all of your orders and invoices easily online.
      - Complete transaction information: View all your past orders, payments and invoice. Once you are logged in, all account information including orders placed over the phone, fax, rep, carrier pigeon, or online, will be available on the website. Even if you still prefer an "old school" phone call to your sales representative, your orders, account balance, transaction history, and shipping information will all be conveniently located in one place online.
      - A complete view: Full integration to Premier’s systems allows for full account information such as preferential discounts and terms, ongoing product specials and multiple ship-to locations to seamlessly travel through our processing department directly to shipping.
      - Statement printing: Want to get a hard copy PDF? No problem, just export full up-to-date statements with a single button.
  2. Multiple ways to order online, including:
      - Full featured traditional browsing and filtering results by product features.
      - Speedy ordering by category with information on stock status. Know at a glance what is available, not available, or ready to ship soon.
      - Granular-focused ordering at the item level with comprehensive product descriptions, technical specifications, and quality product photographs with zoom capability. Need more product info? Dive down deep with a click of a cursor and find everything you need.
      - Quick Order by item # and quantity. Use a form for speedy entry, perfect for those who know what they want and want to place that order fast, or upload an Excel file and add the items to your cart.
      - Order from History to quickly add items to your cart from a list of what you ordered in the past.
      - Supply Lists . Keep a list of items you want to purchase in the future.
  3. Real-time inventory information: Clear up-to-date information of which items are in-stock or out-of-stock. This is the big one -- know what we know whenever YOU want. For certain out-of-stock items, availability dates are shown at item level to indicate when the product will be back in stock.
  4. Dealer Support that includes a quick and comprehensive list of product instructions and HD videos. Many products include video clips to show field operation of product. Nothing describes our kites, spinners, and flags better than showing what they do best -- MOVE in the wind! You will also find printable PDF instructions for active and discontinued items.
  5. Real-time automatic shipping status for all orders.

Q: Wow! Your new wholesale website sounds great. How do I log in?
If you are an existing Premier Kites & Designs customer with a valid Customer ID, visit our Existing Customer form to request access Once you are approved, you will be able to log in and place orders online.

Q: I am a new retailer interested in becoming a dealer and ordering. How do I become an account?
If you are a new customer to Premier Kites & Designs without a Customer ID, please fill out a Wholesale Catalog Request form or e-mail us at directly if you are confused. Be sure to provide us with all the information requested. If you register online we will call you directly to approve your account. A customer number will be issued to your first purchase order. Once you are set up as a customer and you have placed your first order, you are eligible to receive access to our wholesale website.

Q: I placed an order; can I check order status and shipment tracking information?
You sure can! Log in to the website and you will be taken to the "My Account" area, where you can see your orders, order statuses, and tracking numbers.

Q: I don’t have a store but want to purchase your products.
Please visit our retail website at to view our products and find out where to find a local or online dealer.

Q: If I order online will I still get help from my sales representative?
Of course! You have a designated sales representative assigned to help you and you can definitely call them for assistance. Our sales staff also has up-to-date information on promotions, new products and has access to your account information and orders.

Q: I know what I want to order but don't want it to ship until later. Can your website handle this?
It sure can! This was requested by many of you and is one of our new website features. Place your order as normal and enter your Requested Ship Date on the "Payment Options" page of checkout.

Q: I logged into your new site but I am having problems. Who can I contact?
Please contact with any questions or feedback.

Q: I see that an item is out of stock. Can I still place a back order?
Yes, you can place an order for items that are out of stock. Remember, you will only be charged for the products as they ship.

Q: Can I select my shipping options, what shipping methods do you offer for wholesale orders?
Premier offers expedited and ground shipping options, however the website currently only allows you to select Ground service via FedEx Ground, UPS, or USPS. You can still place your order online, just call your Premier sales representative after so they can expedite the order for you.

Q: What are your payment terms?
Once your credit application is approved, we offer net-10 or net-30 terms to customers, depending on their order volume and payment history.

Q: I am a prepaid customer. Can I still place an order online?
: Yes! You can place your order using the credit card on file or you can enter a new one while placing your order. You can only use one credit card per order.

Q: I am a terms customer. Can I place an order online?
Yes, you can! Simply select your item(s) and enter in a PO number at checkout.

Q: What are your shipping charges?
As in the past, we charge for shipping after the package is weighed in our warehouse. Once you place your order online, it will be sent to our warehouse for processing. You will receive two charges after your order ships: one charge for the item(s) shipped and another charge for shipping.

Q: I am a current wholesale customer who has a login but forgot my User ID and password. How do I get this information?
It's easy to find out your User ID or reset your password. Click here to go to the Login page. You will find "Forgot your User ID?" and "Forgot your password?" links. E-mails will be sent to you with User ID or password reset instructions.

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